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Baby Strollers With Car Seat Combo Is Ideal For Travelling Parents

Posted by [email protected] on July 23, 2015 at 6:15 AM


The difficulty of having to juggle a car seat and a pusher at the same time is the thing of the past with availability of a car seat stroller combo. This combo is ideal when you want to shop in the city, particularly when you have to hail a cab. It is totally impossible to carry baby seat around the city and at the same time push a separate stroller along the sidewalk let alone handle the shopping itself.

Why Choose Car Seat Stroller Combo

Most of the car seat stroller combo in the market are easy to use; you just need to wheel up your baby to the car, pick the stroller with the baby in it, and squeeze the lever and then pull the wheel up which retract. After that place the stroller slowly into the car either in rear or front facing and ensure you have put the seat belt around it. When you reach where you were going, simply unstrap the seat belt, pick the seat and the baby on it, grasp it over the sidewalk, slowly squeeze the lever and then press down the lower wheels and you will be on your way.

Benefits Of Baby Strollers With Car Seat Combo.

• Most of these combos are extremely lightweight and they can easily fold up to fit into small spaces.


• Further merit about this combo is that when you are using it you do not have to awake your baby when he/she is sleeping since when you are leaving the car, just convert the seat into a stroller and push it.


• Since baby strollers with car seat combo are usually smaller than normal stroller, you can easily maneuver with it in the restaurant, airport, hotel, shopping excursions and poolside.

If you are intending to buy a separate plane ticket for your lovely baby this combo takes away a lot of tress out of traveling. As a matter of fact baby strollers with car seat combo is a four in one deal. This is because it is a good combination reversible car seat, booster chair, FAA approved airplane as well as stroller.

Customer Satisfaction

There has been a lot of successful stories from parents and caregivers when it comes to baby strollers with car seat combo. This combo are not just beneficial to parents but to taxi drivers and business people too. This is because parents with this combo do not waste a lot of time trying to make their baby comfortable to the seat of the cap. This combo allows parents with small kids to travel more often than before since most of them are no longer worried how they should travel with their kids using public transport.

If you are a traveler or parent who uses public transport baby strollers with car seat combo is the answer you have been looking for. Do not waste any more time, buy it today and enjoy traveling with your baby almost everywhere. Instead of buying the normal stroller which will cause you a lot of inconveniences when you are travelling, buy this combo.



The Ultimate Guide To Baby Strollers For Sale

Posted by [email protected] on July 23, 2015 at 5:30 AM

One of the most important purchases that a parent will make is a baby stroller. It is very crucial that you do not purchase one until fine research has been done. Purchasing a stroller that is too heavy to push around or that one with mechanical and steering problems may leave your baby uncomfortable and you might end up being frustrated.Once you are in the market, you will find all kinds of baby strollers for sale, so it is very crucial that you figure out what your baby really needs, for the parent who really likes to jog around with the kid, there is a make that well the kid. The case is similar for those parents who love travelling.

Why Get Baby Strollers

As the kid grows, its weight increases and the best way to support this is with a stroller, it is also important as the arm and the back pain is greatly reduced.Secondly, your baby will be more comfortable in his or her outing, after you are back; the chances of the child developing complications are very low.The strollers are important for showing class and sophistication, the classier the stroller is, and the more you will be seen to be of class.

Features Of A Good Stroller

Whenever you want baby strollers for sale, here is what to look out for.

• It safety level, this is a great component as you cannot risk the life of your kid over a cheap stroller. Consider whether it is equipped with safety measures and see whether they fit to your standards. The product should be stable and be able to withstand bumps and remain upright.

• The kind of wheels, wheels are crucial as they determine the ability of the strollers to move easily for long distances or make corners in crowded places like mall. Apart from the wheels, consider the handles and see if they are adjustable or not.

• Its additional features, this include a space where you can store a basket after your shopping. Alternatively, space to store what the baby needs like drinks or changing clothes.

Tips On Purchasing A Baby Stroller

The time spend by a kid on a stroller is quite short, this calls for the purchase of a good stroller, to avoid that cursing moment when the rickety wheels no longer move smoothly. Here is what to look out for

• Take the stroller out for a trial drive- it should be fully loaded, many parents do not think of how the stroller will move. Many strollers are quite miserable once they are filled with the twenty-five pounds of weight in it. Try adding more weight besides the baby’s weight that is when you notice the real capacity of the stroller. Once you have added all the weights, try pushing it with one hand. If it moves smoothly, then it is worth your purchase.

• See how the item folds, this is for a parent who travels a lot and have to carry the stroller along with him or her. Check on its ability to collapse and open up easily. If it proves to be cumbersome, do not be sorry doing away with it.

Ending Remarks

Today, getting a stroller is not that difficult, in fact, they are the best for those long walks that people once dreaded to have with their kids. So, if you plan to have a child soon. Consider doing yourself a favor, get a baby stroller and your spinal, arms and baby will thank you later.